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RawPrint - A utility which takes a file and prints it to a printer WITHOUT running in through the printer drivers formatting routines. Rawprint will continue to be available as is. You can still download it and use it. This process however is now free, and no support will be provided.


The Staff at Perilous Software

Use registration code: 2123456770

Download RawPrint 5.0 (executable setup, works on Windows 7+)
Download RawPrint 3.4 (zip file, works on older OS's)


Rewritten in C#. This requires .net 4.5 or greater.


RawPrint can be used for Win95/98, WinNT, NT2000, XP, and NT2003 operating systems. RawPrint allows someone to print an ASCII file that already has the printer codes in it, or print continuous forms without page breaks. The unregistered version is fully operational, but will start nagging you after 30 days and stop functioning after 60 days.

Here are some of the capabilities of the program:

One interesting thing that can be done with RawPrint:

You can install a printer driver and link it to a new port by using the add port feature of the printer install wizard. Make the new port point to a file in the RawSpool directory (i.e.: c:\program files\RawPrint\RawSpool\print.prn).

Anything printed using this driver will be saved as that file name in that directory. If you have AutoPrint on in RawPrint and RawPrint is running, the file will print. This way you can set it up so anything printed using that driver automatically prints using RawPrint.

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